S.Q. Pedalian is the most loyal Executive to Mr. Curtain. It is believed that S.Q. was brainswept, and since then has been doing evil for Mr. Curtain thinking it's all for the best. He appears to want to believe that Mr Curtain is a good person.


S.Q. is generally kind hearted, but dimwitted thanks to Mr. Curtain. He admires Mr. Curtain and wants to believe what Mr. Curtain is doing is for good, but doubts that sometime. He at some points fails to notice the obvious, and forgets things very easily.

S.Q. is particularly fond of the four children, but has been convinced by Mr. Curtain that they are the real enemy.

One of his most memorable moments was in the last book, when he agrees to help Mr. Curtain escape, but refuses to hurt the members of the Mysterious Benedict Society.



S.Q. Pedalian is loyal to Mr. Curtain because of love. Executives do it for power, Ten Men do it for money, but S.Q. Pedalian does it just because he admires Mr. Curtain and can't think anything bad about him.

Trivia Edit

  • In The Mysterious Benedict Society, Sticky remarks that his initials "must stand for sasquatch" because of his large foot size.
  • His name comes from the word "sesquipedalian"
  • S.Q. is a messenger at the Institute and was most likely kidnapped at a younger age.
  • S.Q. mixes metaphors and confuses colloquialisms